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(Narration from Video)
Sound and emotion are intimately connected.
Sounds from every point of space carries different information. But by moving through the space, audience could uncover hidden sensory cues and experience the content with much higher emotional value.

Explore space within media through sound.
Soundscape will change the way we experience media.

Take an orchestra for example,
Performers are seated in sections by instruments.
What audience hear is an overlay of entire ensemble. But what if you can get off the edge of your seat and immerse yourself in music as it is being created?

With a simple gesture isolate or travel between orchestra.Experience your favorite performance from between the seats of accomplished musicians.

Personalise the sound around you and find your perfect seat on stage. All this at the corner of your screen. Controlling the soundscape around you. Wherever you are.Navigating through Sound

Project Soundscape Navigation Team Mimi Zou, Eunhee Jo Collaboration BBC Research

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